Overview on the Reasons Your Website Does Not Get Traffic

Overview on the Reasons Your Website Does Not Get Traffic

Overview on the Reasons Your Website Does Not Get Traffic

Do you know why your website isn’t getting the expected traffic?? Where are you going wrong - is it due to poor navigation or technical issues?? It is important to pinpoint what are the reasons due to which you are not getting ranked.

Here are some common reasons that can lead to your website not receiving any traffic from Google:

1. Your site has “No Index” tag, making it the most common reason but also the easiest to fix. A no index tag basically informs Google search engines to not include the website in the page results. So to get organic traffic from Google your site has to be indexed.

2. Code and structure of any website creates a huge impact on the SEO part. Most website builder sites that are free or of a lower price confuses Google to a great extent. These sites might sound good but they come with a price of it’s own. This will result in a hindrance in the growth of your business.

3. Is it difficult to navigate or access any information on your website? This being the case will lead to lower engagements with the audience resulting in no traffic on your website. Only if the navigation design is clear and understandable, visitors will have a good experience thereby leading to more business for you.

4. Your websites are more at a risk if most of the backlines are generated from low quality websites or those websites which are considered as spam. This results in the website loosing visibility on Google search results. Having a good backlink can drastically improve your site’s traffic. To check whether your backlinks are coming from a genuine site or not, you can use tools like backlink Checker Monitor Backlinks to keep your site on the Google search results page.

5. Do you promise people but fail to deliver on the digital front? This happens only when your site does not have any information relevant to the visitor. Due to absence of contents on your website visitors just click away to another site which are more useful to them. Put yourself in their place and respond to their Google search queries.

6. One of the reasons for not getting enough traffic on your site is if your Google business page has not been optimized to the full. Not showing up on local business and Google maps will result in reduced and low quality traffic thereby decreasing your brands overall visibility.

7. Good SEO provider create content , provide high quality backlinks, analyze the results and modify the websites according to the needs and expectations of every client, as their main business is to generate traffic from search engines. Having a bad SEO provider can result in a complete mess of your website and getting penalized by Google as well which will further result in reduced traffic to your website.

8. Having multiple websites for the same business confuses the visitors and makes them unsure about which site to visit that is relevant to them. It was in olden days when a single business used to have multiple sites to target different location or audience or a service. In today’s digital world, Google likes to see only one site of one business making it easier for the visitors as well.

9. To increase more traffic to your website is sure that the contents that have been written for the website have not been plagiarized. It is never ok to copy an entire content from another site and call it your own.

10. On page SEO is one of the most important methods of achieving better rankings and for running successful marketing campaigns as well. So to divert more traffic to your site make sure you set up your page and posts in the right manner with all the required technicalities needed in creating a website.

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