Impact of Social Media over SEO

Impact of Social Media over SEO

Impact of Social Media over SEO

Over last few years, social media has grown very quickly, with over millions of users on the social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Reports show that one million links are shared in Facebook in every 20 minutes. With much of the content being shared on such social media platforms, it can benefit the search engines in finding out the best possible result desired by the users.

Google and other search engines are growing day by day, not just with the social media presence, but also in terms of social media that affects the search results. Therefore, setting up certain standards for the content that is being shared is necessary to be seen on the top page of search results. While creating content, one should maintain certain standards to be viewed on the SERPs:

  • Be relevant: One should create content that is important and the content that users want to see or share. Creating content that attracts and interests others is very important.

  • Be definitive: Define your business and topics related to it. Sharing content that is related to your business will increase the chances of visibility on the Search Engines.

  • Create Share network: Add and associate with the people who are willing to read and share your content.

  • Increase social engagement: Be active on your social media platform by sharing the content, replying to the queries and comments and involving in the conversation with other networks.

  • Use GooglePLUS: GooglePLUS engagement does not influence the search results but it ensures that your content gets indexed. Once it gets indexed, soon it will appear in the search results too.

  • Be Real: Content that is unique and real is preferred by all. People involve in the conversation with the content that has some real value to it and that influences the fans.

One must try to get the best out of the social media involvement to get appeared on the search engine platforms.

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