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James Byrne reveals some tips on keeping a heating and cooling system in good shape

Should you wish keeping a heating and cooling system running correctly and for a long time, you can follow the handy tips offered by Peninsula Heating By James Byrne.

“When it comes to heating equipment maintenance and repairs to your home or business heating system, it does not pay to procrastinate,” says Patricia Bryne of Peninsula Heating By James Byrne. “The longer you put off the maintenance, the higher the probability that your heating system will break down or your heating and cooling contractor will be unable to make an emergency repair when you need it.”

A routine maintenance check should be either done by the homeowner or scheduled and be completed by the experienced and professional folks at Peninsula Heating By James Byrne. It is important that if a homeowner attempts the work on their own, they should have some experience working with heating and cooling units.

Peninsula Heating By James Byrne offers service agreements in which they will come to a home or business once or twice per year to inspect a furnace and/or air conditioner. Service agreements are a comfort, especially when faced with the prospect of waking up in the middle of a cold winter night to a freezing home. During the coldest days, service techs of companies without a service agreement in place can often take many days to respond.
Routine fall maintenance will switch on and inspect all equipment. Running a heating system early will help to find any problems before it becomes a major problem for the residents of the home. If one is doing the check on their own, they should check fan belts, the pilot light, humidifier and media pad. It is important to know the age of the furnace because older ones often have a pilot light that is on at all times while newer models light themselves when the furnace kicks on.

For an oil heat system, people are encouraged to change fuel filters and service burners if needed and check the fuel tank for water content and fill it, if needed. Forced air systems should have their grills removed and be cleaned out by vacuum. On older forced air systems, the entire duct work should be cleaned every couple of years. Inspect flue pipe for blockages, leaks, holes and make sure vent cap is in place on roof.

For air conditioners, it is important to clean the outside unit of a central air unit and clear any debris, leaves and other items. For wall-mounted units, if it is possible, the best course of action is to remove it and store safely away for the winter. At the very least, close the vents and cover with an air conditioner cover.

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