Disarming cowboy plumbers and heating engineers

SOURCE: www.ciphe.org.uk

The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) is fighting against cowboy installers who take jobs away from qualified plumbers and undermine public health and safety.

Chief Executive Blane Judd commented, “As the voluntary regulatory body for plumbing and heating engineers in the UK we’re concerned about cowboy installers endangering people’s lives and giving the industry a bad name. We are increasing efforts to assist people to hire registered professionals as the safest option.”

The fight against cowboys is not a new issue for The CIPHE but with the recession putting many households on reduced incomes we are worried about people hiring unqualified installers to save money. This argues the CIPHE, is a false economy that can risk lives and cost more in the long run.

Blane added, “We are working to raise public awareness of Registered Plumbers and Registered Heating Professionals so that they can make an informed choice about who they allow into their homes to work on their plumbing and heating systems. We’d also like to see suppliers supporting our cause by refusing to sell certain parts to unqualified individuals. It isn’t complicated to check installers’ qualifications – you just need to look to see if they are on the one of the Registers.”

All Registered Plumbers and Registered Heating Professionals carry ID cards and there is a verification system on the website so you can type in the number on the card to check their authenticity.

If members of the public need to contact a Registered Plumber or Registered Heating Professional with The CIPHE they can visit their website and use the ‘find a plumber’ service at: www.ciphe.org.uk.

Alternatively, give The CIPHE a call on 01708 463100 .

Category : BLOG Posted on January 3, 2012

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