Calls for Return of Scrappage Scheme


The Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC) is calling for a reinstatement of the boiler scrappage scheme in England to help give the industry and the wider economy a boost.

 It is argued that the scheme, which previously ran in winter 2009/10, could raise revenue for the Treasury and also help consumers to cut their fuel bills by nearly £300 a year.

The HHIC is part of the umbrella industry body SBGI which is also backing the campaign by calling on the Chancellor George Osborne to include the measure in his pre budget report at the end of November. SBGI Chief Executive Mike Foster comments:

“Given the state of our economy, the boiler scrappage scheme is a real no-brainer. It raises money for the Treasury, whilst cutting energy bills paid by hard-pressed homeowners. The money consumers save on their fuel bill further boosts their spending on other goods and services. At the same time, British jobs are protected in the industry and greenhouse gas emissions are cut too. It’s a win-win situation.

“The Chancellor can give our industry a boost by announcing that the scheme will be reinstated in England later this month. He has that power and he should use it SBGI chief Executive Mike Foster to help people cut their fuel bills, protect jobs, save the planet and make money as well. What other policy does all of these things?”

The results from the previous scheme show that over 110,000 boilers were scrapped’ generating an estimated £60m in additional VAT receipts and £34m of savings in fuel bills. Over 60% of those householders who took part in the scheme said they would not have replaced their old boiler if it had not been for the scheme.

Neil Schofield, Head of External and Governmental Affairs for Worcester Bosch, adds: “The previous scheme proved to be highly successful because it was so simple. There is no need to reinvent the wheel and, as one of the country’s leading suppliers, we want the Government to bring it back as soon as possible.”

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